black woman laser hair removal 2Many women experience unwanted facial hair and wish to have it removed.  It can be due to genetics, age, medication or many women just want it removed for cosmetic reasons, like eyebrow hair.  Women experience growth of unwanted facial hair during certain times of their life, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.  Regardless, there is a large population of women who want a safe, long lasting, and effective way to remove facial hair. 

One way to remove facial hair is through shaving.  Although the old wives tale that this will cause the hair to grow back thicker and faster is not true, many women feel this is too masculine a way to remove facial hair.  Plus, it only eliminates the problem for a short amount of time and may irritate sensitive skin.

One of the most common ways for women to remove facial hair is by plucking.  Most women are probably already familiar with this type of hair removal due to plucking their eyebrows.  Plucking the hair removes it longer than shaving, but is still not the permanent solution for which many women are looking.  Waxing is similar to plucking, but it can be more painful and is more likely to irritate sensitive skin. 

If you are looking for a method to remove facial hair permanently, try electrolysis.  Electrolysis is the process by which facial hair is removed using electrical currents.  A trained professional, often referred to as an electrologist or electrolysist, must perform this procedure.  Check the electrologist is accredited through the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis before embarking on this process of hair removal. They take a metal probe and insert it into an individual hair follicle.  The electrical current is then delivered to the follicle, destroying it.  Once the procedure is complete; the hair is removed with sterile forceps. Each hair follicle must be treated individually.  The discomfort of this process varies among clients. Some have reported feeling a slight pinprick and some have reported a more painful feeling.  As with many medical procedures, there is a chance of scarring, although it is minimal if you are using a well-trained electrologist.  But, immediately after a hair follicle is treated, there may be a small, red lesion, much like an insect bite for a short time.

While electrolysis will permanently remove the hair, it may not be instantaneous.  You may have to have several electrolysis treatments to the same hair follicle before the hair is completely removed.  This is because your hair cells grow in cycles and electrolysis only works if the hair is in its growth phase.  Many electrologists charge by the amount of time it takes to remove the hair. 

Another form of permanent facial hair removal is laser treatments.  This is a new technology.  This may also be referred to as phototricholysis or photoepilation.  Like electrolysis, this may require several treatments before the hair is removed permanently.  The laser light also feels like a pinprick to most patients.  However, the laser treatments will not work on blonde, red, or white hairs.  It will however work on areas that electrolysis will not, such as the ears and nose. 

If you decide to do electrolysis or laser treatments for your unwanted facial hair, you should always talk to your doctor first about any pre-existing conditions you might have that would make you an unlikely candidate for these treatments. 

There is no need to be ashamed of having your unwanted facial hair treated.  Do some research on the internet to find the best way for you to have your unwanted facial hair removed.  There is no doubt it will make you feel better about yourself.